Niet zonder ons

Voor kunstenaars op leeftijd is er nu een plek waar ze samen oud kunnen worden. In het Ramses Shaffy-huis in Amsterdam leven ze met jonge kunstenaars en zo blijven ze midden in het leven staan.

Ramses Shaffy Huis in Kruispunt

NPO – KRO, 19 november 2017,
Kruispunt, documentaire

Samenwonen, zonder je artistieke eigenheid op te geven. Het huis is een inspirerende omgeving met ateliers, ontmoetingsplekken, expositieruimtes, een sociëteit en een klein theater. Op deze manier wordt de samenwerking tussen jong en oud gestimuleerd.

Deze zomer werd in Amsterdam het Ramses Shaffy Huis officieel geopend. Het is een woon- en zorgcentrum speciaal voor kunstzinnige ouderen, waarin ze in een inspirerende omgeving hun artistieke leven kunnen voortzetten. Maar dat doen ze niet alleen. Een deel van het complex wordt bewoond door jonge kunstenaars. Doel is dat ze elkaar stimuleren, motiveren en activeren.

Kruispunt volgde de afgelopen periode drie bewoners: de ouderen Marion (66) en Joep (59) en de jonge Rosa (29). En was aanwezig toen in huis met muziek en drank de geboortedag van Shaffy werd gevierd. Hij zou dit jaar 84 zijn geworden.

In het huis is de energie van Ramses Shaffy voelbaar en de kunst van gelukkig ouder worden heerst hier. Maar ook – niet onbelangrijk vandaag de dag – het is een plek die ruimte biedt om jezelf en op je zelf te zijn. En toch samen.

RAMSES IMPRO | a fresh concert series of free improvised music

Wednesday 8th November
Concert starts at 20:00
€8,- / €5,-


Michael Moore – Alto saxophone, clarinet
Achim Kaufmann – Piano
Kārlis Auziņš – Tenor saxophone
Andreas Kühne – Drums

In short

As autumn leaves are taken by the rush of time, an all new portal for free improvised music strikes down Amsterdam to open it’s doors on the 8th of November, leading to a contemporary world full of the unknown. Saxophonist/clarinettist Michael Moore and pianist Achim Kaufmann started playing together in the late 90’s and released three CD’s with duo-improvisations (Nothing Something), compositions (Something Nothing) and variations on the music of Herbie Nichols (Furthermore) on Moore’s own record label Ramboy Recordings. For this concert they will be joined by two young improvising musicians, Copenhagen based Latvian saxophonist Kārlis Auziņš and Dutch drummer Andreas Kühne.


I’ve been an admirer of Michael Moore for years, having the great pleasure of hearing him play at the Bimhuis many times with the ICP Orchestra, Available Jelly, and together with leading young improvisers around town. Moore is internationally praised for his magnificent tone and colourful musical fantasy, which fruit from his deep understanding of both American jazz as the Dutch improvised music traditions, and are influenced by music from other cultures. I especially admire the charismatic storytelling approach within his music, that makes possible a strong connection with the audience and is really exciting! Moore and Kaufmann are playing as a duo at SMAK, Gent on the 7th of November.

Exclusively for the first edition of RAMSES IMPRO, Berlin based Achim Kaufmann is extending his tour to Amsterdam! Since his move to Berlin, he got involved in various new projects, such as trio grünen and sextet SKEIN. Kaufmann recently was awarded the prestigious Albert Mangelsdorff award. As Julia Neupert of SWR radio accurately puts it “For many years, Achim Kaufmann has been one of the most inspiring and exciting personalities of the European jazz and improvisation scene. His music bears witness to great harmonic subtlety and structural depth. A brilliant pianist and composer, his reflected exploration of tradition has led him to a nuanced, contemporary sound language that encompasses poetry, energy and abstraction in equal measure.”

Playing two concerts in Amsterdam, the talented Latvian tenor saxophonist Kārlis Auziņš is visiting from Copenhagen, where he is based. Kārlis and I studied together at the conservatory of Amsterdam and shared a great interest in high energy playing. He continued his studies with a Masters at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen and is one of the leading young improvisers in Europe. With the Kārlis Auziņš Quartet, consisting of Artur Tuźnik, Jakob Høyer and Joel Illerhag, he released ‘Images In Regard Of The Central Reference System’, which was nominated as the best Jazz album and best Debut at Latvian music awards 2017. Karlis also features on the international praised album ‘Mount Meander’, together with Lucas Leidinger, Tomo Jacobson and Thomas Sauerborn.

As a drummer, I am currently studying with my great heroes Wilbert de Joode, Michiel Braam, Etienne Nillesen, Jeroen van Vliet and Michael Moore at the New Dutch Swing Masters programme at ArtEZ, Arnhem. During my recent involvement in the free improvised music scene, I’ve met so many magnificent musicians, who chose to look beyond conventional ways of playing and composing, taking inspiration from an incredible knowledge of music and culture, which includes a lifestyle and awareness that is both curious and authentic. As a platform for my ongoing research in this field, I’m using the space generously offered by the ‘Ramses Shaffy Huis’ in which I’m artist in residence for the period of five years.

The Ramses Shaffy Huis where past, present and future share the same roof. Realised with the support of fundings by friends and subsidies, the brand-new Ramses Shaffy Sociëteit houses many artists and initiatives and holds an intimate concert environment, which often brings unique experiences, both for the musicians and the audience.

So much looking forward to welcoming everybody*!

*especially for those it will be their first encounter with free improvised music!

All best,
Andreas Kühne